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Long Jing

Long Jing

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Type: Green Tea

Origin: Zhe Jiang, China

Flavor: Slightly sweet with a fresh grass aroma


Hot Brew Preparing:

Proportion: 3-5g tea leaves in a cup with approx. 350ml - 400ml water.

Water temperature: 80-85°C

Brewing time: Our tea can be used at least 3 times.

First infusion time: 1 minute, second infusion time: 1.5 minutes, third infusion time: 2 minutes.

Cold Brew Preparing: 

Proportion: 3-5g tea leaves in a drinking bottle with approx. 500ml cold water.

Brewing time: in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours

Pack Info: 35g* per can

* Due to the different shapes of tea, the weight of tea in the same pack is different!

Company Info

Ben Cao Garden GmbH

Tel: +41 77 470 21 36
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 11, 5200 Brugg, Switzerland

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